Spirit Level | Royal Festival Hall, London

Information graphics from the research book for the environmental graphics project at the Royal Festival Hall.

Top: the current and desired use of the space by the various artist groups. Bottom: the frequency of use by the artist groups.

We Are The Million | Participle

Information graphics for We Are The Million to explain and promote the service.See the branding section for more We Are The Million.

Infographic showing how the service works.

Left: a promotional infographic for a Twitter campaign. Right: a summary of outcomes for a business.

Families Program | Participle

A selection of infographics for an online dashboard. This program seeks to empower individuals and families to rebuild their lives through the close and active support of their case workers. These case workers are selected by the families themselves and help them to create their own plans for reshaping their lives. See Participle's website for more info.

Ageing Program | Participle

A portion of a larger online dashboard for an ageing program. This program supports people over 50 to connect with their neighbors, access local services, learn new things, and lead independent and flourishing lives. See Participle's website for more info.

Health Project | Participle

A sample of the infographics used to describe different users. This is part of a health project that looks at developing new solutions for individuals to take more control over their health. See Participle's website for more info.

Boston Community Card Program | City of Boston

An information graphic for the program showing how the system works.