+ 30 July 2014

Recently, I've been leading the design and UX for a new civic tech startup called Heat Seek NYC. Heat Seek NYC is pioneering a new approach to heating dispute resolution for New York City tenants and landlords. We're building a suite of open-source hardware and web software that detects heating violations in real time. We use this data to track the issue, identify problem areas, and provide reliable evidence to ensure fairness in housing court disputes. We're currently working to finalize our first iteration of the product.

GREAT NEWS! We just won the battleground round at NYC Big Apps on the 19th, so many thanks to all our supporters!

+ 25 March 2014

I've just updated my site with new work and made it friendlier to mobile devices. Have a look around!

+ Feb 2014

Now back in New York City, where I grew up, I have spent the last few years working as Art Director for an incredible company in the UK called Participle. Their work focuses on creating public services from the ground up that improve people’s lives.

Check out some of their work (and mine):
We Are The Million / wearethemillion.com
Backr / backr.com
Circle / circlecentral.com
The Life Programme / alifewewant.com
Wellogram / wellogram.com

If you want to see more work like this please contact me on LinkedIn.

+ 29 Aug 2011

Zizzi Restaurant Live Window Illustration at Tower Hill, London.
After being awarded runner-up in Zizzi’s Fresh Talent scheme, I was asked to create large temporary window illustrations over the course of a week by hand while diners looked on. See the video here.

+ 06 May 2011

I've recently got into drawing on my iPad. Really loving it so far!

+ 16 April 2011

I finally got around to photographing the invitations I created for my August wedding. It was definitely the most enjoyable part of planning a wedding.

+ 04 February 2010

I recently completed the graphic design work for a project called Fresh & Wild by Schedia, a design group focusing on user–centered design. Fresh & Wild consisted of a series of lectures and participative workshops that Schedia developed and presented to encourage young designers and creative thinkers to adopt user-centered design methodologies in Cyprus. More on this soon...



Welcome mat

Set of tools for a participatory workshop

Group of designers reading their instructions for a workshop

Instructions for a workshop were made to look like maps

+ 01 January 2010

My holiday card designs for the 2009/10 New Year.

+ 02 December 2009

Some new illustrations.

+ 27 October 2009

A friend of mine, Sarah Rhodes, has been creating some beautiful jewellery as of late. She graduated with an MA in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins in July and since then has shown in the London Design Festival, Sotheby's and has just been accepted at the contemporary jewellery gallery Klimt02. I got to model her latest collection ‘Re-found’ which is derived from the collection and juxtaposition of texture transposed from found objects. Her work has also been selected for the 'Flux' Brilliantly Birmingham jewellery exhibition running from November to February. Please note however, I do not come standard with the jewellery.

Sarah Rhodes, Untitled Necklaces 2009: rhodium plated silver, blue electrical wire, orange cotton thread, gold plated silver, red electrical wire, red acrylic.

+ 21 September 2009

Another narrative environments graduate, Niharika Hariharan is showing her work at ENTER09: South Asian Media Artists Graduate Show. Exhibition running from Sat 17 Oct to Tue 1 Dec, Open Daily 12-9pm / Watermans, 40 High Street, Brentford, London TW8 0DS / Info: 0208 232 1010

+ 21 September 2009

Showing A Table of Two Cities at the London Design Festival. Come check it out! www.upallnight2009.blogspot.com

+ 01 September 2009

Just finished up an exciting project with Selfridges & Co.